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Norman J Ball is the founder of Global Rescue Alliance

After studying early reports of global warming, to be re-classified more accurately as climate
change, Norman sought after every document, news report & scientific study that crossed his
path. His studies have now covered almost two decades.

At almost the same time, he was digging into the issues of indigenous tribes of First Nation, Metes,
Native Americans and Inuit peoples, discovering mistreatment, exclusion and even genocide going
back centuries. The areas of human rights and justice abuses fit Norman’s mindset, world view and activism.

Although these issues are mentioned on this website, the primary purpose at this time in history
is to deal with The climate and plastics crises. If you wish to understand the issues surrounding
human rights and justice for indigenous peoples, click on the ‘Walk-of – Hope For Humanity’ at the
top of the home page.

We Must all be Guardians of the Environment

The top priority of Global Rescue Alliance is to do exactly that.


  • Air: Man has wantonly poisoned the air we breathe. We must replace energy systems.
  • Water: Man has wantonly poisoned the water we drink. Our water crisis is growing fast.
  • Food: Man has poisoned the earth we grow our food in. Toxic chemicals also kill bees.

What were we thinking?

We Must all be Guardians of our planet

Two Major Existential Threats to Humanity are Approaching us Fast.

  • Climate Change : A 20-year search, has produced no legitimate solution.  We have one.
  • Fossil Fuel: These killers of humanity were meant to stay buried. We can replace them all.
  • Corruption: Our world is corrupt. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
  • No Solutions: No political party knows how to fix these crises. They talk but know little.
  • Solutions: We have legitimate solutions for both crises. Review the section on projects.

Plastics Crisis:  Global Rescue Alliance has a solid plan to solve this massive crisis.

  • Rivers: Carry millions of tons of plastics to our oceans during monsoon seasons annually.
  • Oceans: Ocean currents caused trillions of tons of plastics & garbage to gather as islands.
  • Land: Billions of tons of plastic waste is everywhere and no countries want it now.

What were we thinking?

Global Rescue Alliance has developed a global plan to fully solve the crises we have discussed briefly Here.  The lesson we hope every man, woman and child will learn quickly is that these unbelievable threats can only be solved if we solve it as one.  Not one nation or one continent, rather one human entity, one global family fighting one common enemy.

We are willing and able to guide this human endeavor.

Global Rescue Alliance is the umbrella for Forty Non-profit Societies.   Least understood & most dangerous are the Climate and Plastics Crises.  We need millions of helpers to solve these existential threats to humankind.