Walk of – Hope For Humanity

78-year-old great grandfather, Norman J Ball, inspired by Terry Fox & Rick Hansen, is walking 4,000 kilometres to raise awareness that the climate & plastics crises are a real threat to life on earth and he wants people to know his team has legitimate solutions for both.

After 20 years of research & thousands of conversations, Ball is certain that no one has a workable solution to these threats.  That revelation inspired this action.  His 1,000-kilometer training walk is underway as of August 3rd, 2020. The 3,000-kilometre walk itself launches April 12, 2021.

Although this effort is happening in Canada, it will be promoted globally.  Norman will prove these two threats cannot be solved by individual countries & cannot be solved by any government or corporate interest.  He will also prove that it cannot be solved by groups or committees of any type or size.

20 years ago, on January 1, 2001, Ball began a walk of over 9,000 miles (14,400 kilometres) to raise funds & awareness to the plight of children at extreme risk.  His first training day, at age 56, 270 pounds with a back injury, he could not walk one kilometer.  At mile 2,000, he claimed to be  in better shape than he was at 35.  By then he was averaging 12 to 20 miles a day.

Along the way, he was honored by hundreds of political leaders, Canadian Parliament (where he received a painting of Terry Fox, sent by his late mother, Betty Fox).   He was also honored by President George W Bush.  Approaching Winnipeg, he walked 100 kilometres (60 miles) in one 24-hour day.  He is considering doing that again at 78½ and he says he is taking all bets.

After a cancer diagnosis 9 years ago, Norman had his right kidney removed and was later diagnosed with modest cognitive dementia and diabetes.  His back injury is a little worse, but he knows he can walk through it.  He has already proven he can walk through the worst.

FYI – Ball conducted a 24-hour analysis of 10 democratic presidential hopefuls when they each spoke for 45 minutes on the single subject of climate change.  He determined that all but one knew almost nothing about climate issues and were working from provided speaking points.

Norman claims that the solutions to the double crisis can not be achieved on a country by country basis because every company, organization, military, school, church, country, or club works on a pyramid (presidents, generals, pastors, principals & managers).  Ball confidently  adds, “But there is a solution to both crises.  One that will create 300,000,000 new jobs.

Ball is asking for early donations to cover costs of the 1,000-kilometer training, global outreach plus supplies.  He is confident of fundraising for the walk itself but needs help to get going.

Contact:  Event Manager – Norman J Ball   globalrescuealliance@gmail.com  Requests for interviews or questions:  1 778 294 6678 (or email above).  Donations can be made with Pay

Pal:  adspacethatpays@hotmail.com or Bitcoin: 18Cq8ziV22H1gGgvzKv99Aw9tazV2BULTr