Earth’s environment represents a massive part of humanity’s place and role on our beautiful planet.

All the elements that sustain Earth’s inhabitants are subject to the environment and its many whims. Mother Nature deals catastrophic blows to us & then gives us a sunset that brings tears to our eyes. We marvel at our planet’s beauty & quake at the power of killer storms, reminding us who’s in charge. We have some control, but it takes effort & dedication to impose it on the event while it runs its course. One indisputable truth about catastrophic nature, is it always brings us together, but it’s often too late.

The Climate & Plastics Crises could be described as catastrophic nature at its worst.

This site is dedicated to its search for real solutions. We believe every crisis will only be solved if led by a single point of global leadership. We Know what that point is and what is needed for it to be deployed.

Key Speaking Points Regarding the Climate & Plastics Crises

Foundational Points:

  • Solving both existential threats to humanity.
    • It’s a global effort, not a country’s effort.
  • It must be led & managed by one global leader.
    • All organizations function this way.
  • The solutions-project must not be led by politicians.
    • This is a nonstarter and will fail.
  • The global effort will comprise 1 million project managers.
    • Set up in a 5 X 9 tier system.
  • Each country will be represented by 2 key leaders.
    • With the tier system below each.
  • Cities, towns, provinces & states finance their citizens.
    • Plus additional financial help.
  • The plastics project will produce 300 million jobs.
    • Funding by governments, global investment, corporations, monetary systems & lotteries.
  • Each country will manage infrastructure projects.  
  • Government’s role is funding & support and labor.
    • Unless mandated by leadership.
  • Personal Adaptation:  Every person must have a plan.
    • A 45-day crisis-supply on hand. Preparation = time to think and plan. 
      There is a fee book available [‘Is My Family In Danger’]  Ask for it.
  • Mitigation:
    • This is the phase where we work to limit the damage & systems breakdown.
  • Reversal:
    • We are just into adaptation & not started the Mitigation process. It is management driven.
  • Estimate of time for phases:  Adapt-Now.
    • Mitigation 10 years. / Reversal 50 – 80 years.

Do you believe a video could change your view of the future of the world?

 If you are willing to risk such a dramatic point of view, watch this message.

Leonardo Di Caprio Before the Flood:  http://watchdocumentaries.com/before-the-flood/

There are hundreds more. Request more videos at:  globalrescuealliance@gmail.com

Global Rescue Alliance has established non-profit Societies.       
Each society is a self-funding entity that can eventually support itself.
Societies that deal with the climate & plastics crises.

o Climate Change Society:  Develop, Manage, facilitate, all aspects of this crisis.
o End Fossil Fuel Society:  Confront, impede, and diminish all fossil fuel operations.
o Global Plastics Society:  Oceans, rivers, lakes, and onshore development.
o Global Hemp Alliance Society:  Develop Hemp dominance & replace 100’s of products.
o Save Earth’s Coral Society:  Beyond urgent. 50% is dead and the rest is dying.
o Save Honeybees Society:  Honeybees are dying in the trillions. Pesticides big part.
o Millennial Superfood Society:  Major facilities to prepare for food shortages. Start 2024.
o Plant a Trillion Trees Society:  This must start by 2022 & be well underway by 2025.
o Climate Refugee Society:  This is happening already & is into the crisis phase.
o Green the Earth Society:  This is stopping desertification. Allan Savory.
o Disaster Relief Society:  This Society will support multiple disaster recovery.
o Plastics Repurpose Society:  100% of plastic waste can be recovered and used.
o Clean up the Oceans Society: This relates to the trash islands. A 50 + year project.

Humanitarian Crises Societies.
o Help NPO’s Fight Hunger Society:  A global food project with millennial superfoods.
o Feed the World Society: This is a self-funding society to provide food support.
o Fight Illiteracy Society: These illiteracy squads will work internationally.
o Help Suffering Children Society:  Children are at risk across the world, HSCS is there.
o End Human Trafficking Society:  EHTS needs billions of dollars & thousands of people.
o Help the Elderly Society:  This includes the ‘Adopt an Elder’ Society.
o All Animal Rescue Society:  We have two self-funded non-profit’s for animals.
o Fund National Child Care Society: Children have always been at the top of my list.
o Veteran’s Outreach Society: Vet’s seem to be far down on the help list. No more.
o Clean Drinking Water Society: Too quickly becoming a crisis. We have to hurry.
o Fund Children’s Hospitals Society: Another NPO for children. Let’s make this huge.

We focus on the environment generally but climate & plastics specifically.

We will be registering several ‘apolitical’ parties centered on the environment.

The Unimaginable Connectivity of Earth. “One Strange Rock”
There are (10) ten segments for this. Do a Google search for “One Strange Rock”.
Re: Global Balance – https://youtu.be/XrC4vDcWmxk This is a trailer. 

The Plastics Crisis is Strangling Earth. Aquatic life, birds, and animals are dying fast. This crisis is a close second to climate. We have a legitimate solution to this crisis.

Earth is succumbing to all the damage mankind can throw at her.  She is also experiencing changes that all planetary bodies have gone through for millennium.  But we are being hit by several catastrophic crises at the same time.  We will reveal the one with the greatest potential danger to every citizen of Earth first, and that is the Climate Crisis.  It is moving full bore at unprepared populations as you read these words. We are not saying that mankind is totally responsible, but we are saying that we are complicit.  No matter how big our home is, the trillions of metric tons of poison effluent we have dumped in the ground and water, added to by the trillions of tons of airborne pathogens, have done their share. If we do not undo those massive crimes against humanity, shame on us.

We Want Earth to Look Like This Forever… There is only one way this wish could be granted.

We must find a way to encourage 8.5 billion humans to work together.  We believe it is impossible.  We must do all the right things for the next 50 years.  The most important thing Global Rescue Alliance Society can factually say at this point is that we do have legitimate solutions, not only to this crisis, but the several following.

Mother Earth raised us and kept us safe. If humanity wants to continue living on her, we must act. For the latter part of her journey, she was healthy, even vibrant in every way. It took mankind only a tiny fraction of time to bring our magnificent home to a very scary place. We don’t have to continue on this path. There are answers and solutions for what we are experiencing and will face in the not too distant future.

We believe that if people were compensated for helping us solve the various crises, they may be more likely to learn more and contribute more to the solutions.

Join our growing family of concerned citizens of the world. Click Here

You can write and speak for us. “The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword”. Your Voice Has Power!

We will eventually be hiring thousands of people around the world to participate and help us to do many worthy things. Please let us know if you feel this may be a positive direction for you.

We will also be covering a new addition to our mission. We have found global audiences very soft on these critical issues. They realize something bad is going on but are not taking the level of action that the various crises should be demanding.  See Phase one below.

Phase 1: A ten-year prioritized startup launching on January 13, 2022. 
We have already started, and we will accelerate exponentially as people join our cause.
Our first goal is to attract one million people to join us in the noble cause of saving Earth’s citizens from a painful future. We will do many things simultaneously. 1,000,000 voices is job # 1

I know, 1,000,000 Voices is Huge… But it’s only the beginning.

1,000,000 voices & pens are our secret weapon. The one million voices will quickly become 10 million because from the one million there will be many influencers. Is it possible to imagine that ten million voices, spoken in unison, would not have an impact?

We are an organization of concerned citizens of the world who believe that we can overcome formidable odds and effect change that can give all of Earth’s tenants a fighting chance.

Perhaps the urgency of saving our populations will overpower the need to kill each other in wars across the globe. We could all get busy working on the one thing that affects us all equally, the potential corruption of our home. One of the first steps toward healing our planet is to heal us.

We cannot fix a broken thing if one of the things that’s broken is us. I have been studying various breakthroughs over the last 30 years. I only recently came to the realization that there are dynamic breakthroughs in all aspects of life. I had been focusing on the aspects of wellness in the areas of nutritional wellness and physical wellness but there is so much more.

This segment of Global Rescue starts with you and I because we can live to well over a hundred in good physical, mental, and emotional health. It is surprisingly quite simple.

Many of us are our own worst enemies. We know enough to be healthy & prosperous, yet we are often not. By some amazing act of providence, good fortune, luck, or exquisite planning, I have been in the presence of greatness in business, enterprise, health, nutritional breakthroughs, and inspiration. 

Many of you will become the teachers.

I cannot imagine any areas of employment or enterprise that we will not engage in. Our teams will be made up of every aspect of human life. These are dynamic & different times approaching us and shame on those who do not prepare.  What is obvious and normal to us now will not be that way a few years from now. All of our lives are about to change dramatically. I can not speak for you, but I intend to be ready.

The reality of the ravages of climate change impacting global warming, rising sea levels, the death of the world’s coral and the extinction of a million species from the Earth’s food chain has never been so extensively proven.

Now Here is Where Things Get Way Beyond Tough. 

We have to stop fossil fuel now.  We must stop logging now.  We have to plant billions of trees now.  We have to drop billions of flower seeds for bees now. We have to replace beef, pork & chicken with a much better protein now.  The Millennial Superfood conserves trillions of gallons of water, trillions of trees being clear-cut for grazing & growing palm oil plants and healthier.

Are there solutions to this all but impossible task?  

We believe that with right leadership, no politicians, no lawyers, no legal drug dealers, no corrupt business leaders, & none of the rich elite who want to control the masses for profit and power, we can.  Believe it or not, ‘we the people’ do have the power and we can teach you how to wield this power without a shot being fired.  We need ten million voices and pens just to achieve phase one by January 2022.

When fossil fuels stay in the ground, they are our best friends. When we dig them up and burn them, they are easily our worst enemy. Why is every fossil fuel company not engaged in alternatives. They could dominate those markets. If forced to close them, we will be in the fight of our lives. We will win because we have secret weapons. No one knows we possess weapons with such power. Ten million voices and pens are the point of our spear.

Weapons that can shut down operational offices and can confuse and cause chaos.  One that we can perpetuate for years if necessary. One that is legal but powerful.  This comes from a secret and high-ranking political leader that told me about it 40 years ago.  Fossil fuels are our biggest challenge & fight but is winnable if we are brave.

Hard as it is to believe, we can do without fossil fuel, timber, concrete, plastic, coal, paper, building materials, legal drugs, politicians, lobbyists, & most other societal needs.  We still need them but not from existing sources.  In fact, one source can replace all or almost all of the things that are killing us & our planet.  The source is a plant.

If you found a knowledgeable organization with solid and legitimate solutions to the two main crises, would you join their fight?

Please click here to lend us your pen and your voice.  It is our secret weapon; our million secret weapons. 

We would also appreciate your donation.  Ultimately, we need billions to bring this monster to its knees.  Your $5, $50, $100, $10,000 or $1,000,000 will be put to good use.

The Colours & Perfection of Nature From the ‘Old Master Painter’

“From the Hills Far Away”